November 13, 2006

TARDIS….Time And Relative Distance In Sandwiches!


Today was busy on the RRV. Three jobs almost on the bounce in the first hour or so. Only problem was that by 0930 hrs. I,d eaten all my food! (2 x ham and pickle sandwiches/2 x choccie biscuits/1 x blackcurrant cheesecake – small,  and a couple of mini scotch eggs) . Bearing in mind that I,d had breakfast at 0530 hrs before setting off for work.

I must pace myself more. By the end of the shift I could have eaten a scabby horse!

For tomorrows shift I,ve made extra sarnies and included more goodies…just hope the wife has been to the supermarket. I now need a bigger “bait box” or pack-up container….in fact I might have to take some kit off the RRV in the morning so I can fit my lunch in!