If only we had Scum Nav….!

Last nights shift was fairly busy to start with….chest pains, fitter and the proverbial drunk. Later on we went to another fitter and whilst dealing with the patient in his house…some scumbags broke into our ambulance and stole the sat nav screen!!!

We did,nt realise until we got back in the vehicle after clearing at the aforementioned patients house (fits due to alcohol withdrawal and he did,nt want to go to A/E.) It was only when we pushed “Not required” on the Terrafix and we got sent a job for a Cat A Red Call on the other side of the city did we notice ….no sat nav screen! Bugger!

So off we went to the job as luckily I knew where I was going. It was one of those working jobs where we needed back up and a bit of ingenuity to extricate the patient from the up stairs of the house.

After clearing at the A/E we were then sent back to station to do the police statements and swop vehicles (which meant swopping the entire kit from one to the other!) We were off line for more than 2 hours….all due to some thieving scumbags!!!

I wish the police had “scum nav” then once they were caught we could strap their legs down to a table with barbed wire and then using a hand drill with a broken rusty drill bit covered in dog shit we would drill into their tibia and extract the bonemarrow replacing it with hydrochloric acid….or we could cheese grate their finger ends off with a very rusty cheese grater covered in tramps diahorrea.

Just a thought….a passing thought…thats all….but what a thought!!!


2 Responses to If only we had Scum Nav….!

  1. Carmelo says:

    Contrary to popular belief, ambulance staff do have too much free time on their hands to concuct nasty ways to kill Chavs!

  2. ecparamedic says:

    We have lost quite a few satnav screens now, they don’t take the rest of the system, so the screens are useless to the dipsticks who think they have right to anything they fancy.

    As the vehicles are quite clearly marked and their purpose is quite evident, even to these dicks, surely removing navigation equipment is tantamount to attempted murder?


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