Horse versus RRV…guess who won?

This is the result of an altercation between a RRV and a charging horse…!

Whilst on standby, the RRV was passed an emergency and proceeded to drive towards the location. This was late at night/early hours of the morning with the streets deserted.

Within literally a couple of minutes of setting off the RRV was greeted by the site of a full grown horse charging down the main road towards him. He took swift evasive action and braked hard and threw himself across the passenger seat.

Next second an almighty crash and bang hit the car with much blood and tissue and sinew flying in different directions.

The RRV driver was not injured but the horse suffered an horrific chest injury which appeared to be non survivable…luckily the vet managed to save the horse and it made a full recovery.

Just goes to show that you don,t know whats around the corner!!!




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