What I,d rather be doing….!

November 7, 2006

Eagles may soar but weasels dont get sucked up into jet engines…apparently!Hat


I am Knackered!!!

November 7, 2006

….eyes sore and red….belly growling….mental faculties in regression….oh how I lurrrrvvvve nights….!

Back to the Full Moon people!

November 7, 2006

Well I had a fantastic few days away in the Lake District. Walking on High Raise and St. Johns in the Vale…with a few quiet moments of reflection in the church.

Some serious scrambling on the ridges (Swirral and Striding Edge) on Helvellyn…my favourite mountain.

Lots of Guiness on the night time to ease the old muscles and so aid restful sleep!

Then back to so called civilisation for Bonfire Night and two days of constant bombardment all around by very loud Chinese pyrotechnics.

And so to work…my first night shift of 4 on the trot. First job tramping around in a very large cemetary trying to find a ?17 year female glue/gas  sniffer….managed to find thousands of “purple plus” bods but no sniffer.

Another couple of jobs involving psychy peeps….earliar crew got one who took a hacksaw to his head!

Two hours left then I,m off home to my nice warm bed! Just so long as we dont get a late job!!!!!!!!!!